May 2004

Dear friends and praying partners,

Evelyn Underhill made the statement, "Those who have known their Lord well throughout Christian history have this in common: they have all had a profound sense of another realm,"; the realm the Apostle Paul called the heavenlies in which our risen Lord is seated at the right hand of the Majesty on high. With a profound sense of another realm we would speak often of Christ to each other, and He keeps a book of remembrance and records the names of those who fear and love to think about Him (Malachi 3:16-18).

Our small talk mentality is what Dawson Trotman termed SYI (share your ignorance) fellowship. We should have a heart hunger to know our risen Lord and talk Him until the body of Christ is overwhelmed by a revelation of Him. For He is alive indeed.

By the middle of the month of March, I (Cyprian) left for speaking engagements in the states of Virginia and Maryland. During my absence, Joy began to feel ill.  After my return, she seemed to get better, but then on the 4th of April she started to feel pain across her chest which lasted only a brief time.   Early on the 6th at 1:03 am till 7am the pain became localized and continuous. Thereupon we decided to go to the emergency unit at the hospital. She had a heart attack that was occurring all day, and the doctors tried all day to contain the pain but to no avail. Consequently, she was admitted by afternoon to run some more tests and determine the exact cause.

They found that the right coronary artery was completely blocked. The doctors went into her artery with a catheter, broke the blockage and placed a stent (now permanently placed) to let the blood flow again. The procedure was successful, and she was placed on observation till the 11th. During the procedure her heart stopped completely but came back to the joy of the medical team. So as the world celebrated the resurrection of the blessed Son of the Great I AM, He raised her up by quickening her back to life that it might be fulfilled that which He spoke saying: "As I live so shall ye live also."

We have returned to the clinic as directed and are told that her recovery is on the positive side. She has been advised to keep resting for now till cleared by the medical team caring for her. Continue to stand with us in prayers as we place our faith and confidence in God alone for full recovery and payment of the bills in the months ahead.

Knowing that tomorrow's grace is not given to us today we would seek and touch the eternal realm in the present moment. We take counsel of God through Fenelon who said: "Follow God by the dim touch of faith not by the light of your own understanding and abilities. Do not be proud of your apparent ability to live the Christian life. Your ability to do that will soon prove to be illusion. Trust in God alone."


Please pray:

1. That we would take hold of everything that Jesus has planned for our lives (Philippians 3:12-16).

2. That we would remain resolved to know Christ and make Him our lives (Philippians 3:17-21).

3. That we would be constantly reminded that we are Godís possession and Christ is our inheritance (Philippians 3:8-9).

4. That we would not see human hands but Godís hand in all things in life.


We humbly remain the unprofitable servants of Him who loved us and gave Himself for our redemption, and your fellow pilgrims,


Cyprian and Joy Kia


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