September 2003

Dear Friends, 

In July much happened, and Godís grace did abound.  Cyprian returned to Nigeria and started off a busy schedule of ministry at a 3-day outreach held at Delta State University. He followed this by speaking at an Elders and Workers Retreat held at the former Faith Bible College campus. They have asked for the messages to be summarized in written form.   Pray that the fruit from these meetings would remain.  Before leaving Ayangba, Cyprian was able to visit with the Caroline Gross family as well as the leaders of the CMML group of the assemblies.  The following Sunday, Cyprian spoke at the multi-ethnic Naka assembly which is made up of Yoruba's, Idomas, Igalas and the Tiv, on whose soil the work is situated.  In response to the Word and the Holy Spiritís convicting work, eleven trusted the risen Lord.  In Lagos, an evangelical Christian Leadership Forum was held seeking answers to questions about the role of the Christian community in an increasingly global world, the Great Commission, the Church and Missions, as well as the home as an evangelistic platform. Cyprianís participation in this discussion was followed by opportunities for personal counseling.

Later, Cyprian fellowshipped with the home church associated with professors from Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa.  He ministered the Word and later distributed copies of Worship: the Christianís Highest Occupation by A. P. Gibbs.  These were donated by  a Christian from East County Bible Fellowship in San Diego, CA.  The end of July found Cyprian speaking at Abajukolo, the site of the 1st assembly started by Mr. H. A. Hewstone, pioneer to all that is assembly today in Nigeria. 

August began with church planting through an open-air crusade at Gboko. Fifteen gave their lives to Christ. After remembering the Lord with the new assembly on the Lordís day, Cyprian returned to Ika village where, with news of his arrival, many came for counseling and visitation.  In September Cyprian spent some time in Makurdi for fellowship, ministry, and counseling. Back in Ika, the daughter of the community leader, who is an assembly elder as well as traditional head, was struck dead by lightening. They asked Cyprian to officiate at the funeral.  In addition, the home church in Ankpa has invited Cyprian back to spend the next two weeks sharing the practical application of the teachings on worship by Gibbs. The leadership, which is made up of four elders, have asked that Cyprian disciple them.  Doors have also opened to teach at a Ladies Fellowship at Ayangba as well as the Nurses Christian Fellowship at the Cottage Hospital in Okpo.

In California, Joy has also been busy with the work the Lord has given her to do. She was blessed to have a week at a Christian camp in northern CA where she spoke to the women and girls.  She met new and old friends strengthening relationships, soaked up the Word, and had a special time with God. It was very refreshing.  Roberta (the girl we asked you to pray for) received Christ as her Savior. She is so alive and seeking more truth. Praise the Lord with us, and continue to pray for her as she grows in the Lord. Joy continues to talk with and counsel young women.

Joy and Stephen have had a young man, Ralph, a new immigrant from Nigeria staying with them in California since July. They have been able to render assistance in job searching and other details of adjustment. Ralph loves the Lord and fits right into the family ministry. In addition, there are many opportunities at the apartment building to speak Christ. They seek to be intentional with their conversations and have enjoyed and been strengthened by the weekly Bible studies in Genesis which Stephen leads.

Bishop Ryle has said ďÖa zealous man cares for one thing, and that is to please God and to advance Godís gloryÖIf he cannot preach, work, or give money, (or is on a sickbed), he will cry, sigh, and pray.Ē

May all things praise Him!  Please pray:  2 Cor. 1:24,   Col. 4:2-4,   2 Cor 2:14-17 for us, and finally, that we would totally look to the Lord for strength, guidance, wisdom and grace for we are a weak people. 

Sinners saved by grace,                                                                   

Joy and Cyprian Kia

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