June 2003

Dear Saints,

Greetings in our risen Lord.

We have been very encouraged by your expressions of love and very much appreciate your prayerful support.  The Lord has also encouraged us in His Word which instructs that we show by our good life that our service to Him is done with gentleness born of wisdom (James 3:13).  Although these are difficult and perplexing times, we are learning more of His beautiful person, His ways of righteousness, and submission as well.

We thought we might update you on what we are actually doing now.  January to May have been busy with speaking engagements every Sunday at various Southern California assemblies  and also at camps and fellowships, etc.  Joy has spoken at the ladies meeting and at camp also.  Due to these meetings several do seek counseling by mail or e-mail.  Some are now studying Emmaus courses with us.  One of these is a fifteen year old girl studying with Joy.  She inquired for salvation after one of the meetings but held back from accepting Christ.  Pray that through the courses she will find her Savior. These courses are being provided free by an assembly here in Southern California.

We have moved in January to an apartment building in Eagle Rock and see this as another venue for service.  There is a Bible study held each Friday night (an extension of Avenue 54 Bible Chapel)  which sees a couple of apartment residents attending faithfully.  One, a believer, a widow, comes in for counseling from time to time.   She has now started the Emmaus courses as well.  The other is a Jew whom the other residents testify  that he has shown changes in attitude since attending.  Please pray that he  will accept Christ as His Messiah. 

We plan on returning to Nigeria soon, Cyprian first as he is scheduled to take a five day meeting at a retreat organized by some assemblies.  Joy will follow, DV, after she has been to a camp in Northern California in August and will be speaking at a ladies camp meeting in November.  In the meantime we are keeping in touch with many through e-mail.  Among those in touch with us is a Moslem young man at one of the universities.  He is presently showing interest regarding eternal matters.

Pray for health, strength, discernment and power to live above the distractions placed in our way and that we abide in Him and in His righteousness, for the effect of righteousness is peace and the result quietness and trust forever (Isaiah 32:17).

Warmest Christian love and thanks,

Joy and Cyprian

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