December 2002

Dear Friends,

Selfishness wraps man up in himself and makes a pretty small package.  Happiness is not in having or getting, but only in giving.  Therefore, the true test of generosity is not how much you give but how much you have left.  We wish each of you a joyous holiday thanking you for your prayers and support throughout 2002.

Joy teamed up with Cyprian in Nigeria for eight weeks and had several opportunities for witnessing, counseling and teaching one-on-one with children, women and young adults of college age.  At Ankpa, Ika, Makurdi, and Lagos she also had profitable moments with young housewives and newly-weds.  She was enthusiastically received everywhere and had a wonderful time.  Cyprian was as usual very involved in speaking, Bible teaching and evangelism at various assemblies and gatherings.  He continues to disciple and counsel one-on-one using the Emmaus courses as tool.  Many students study the courses with him, and we would like you to pray for the two teenagers in Ankpa who were recently saved through the courses.

During our last weeks in Nigeria we were approached by several men who are discontent and even alarmed at the state of the ‘church’ in Nigeria.  They are asking about the New Testament church and returning to simplicity of worship.  They are searching the Scriptures regarding these things, and so we pray to be useful in teaching and leading them into these truths of Scripture.  These young men represent at least three different cities.

Stephen speaks often at the meeting and in several assemblies around.  He is also involved in community outreach ministries aimed at teenagers.  As we serve. we celebrate an amazing event in human history, the moment when our Creator became an inhabitant of the very world He had made.  Please continue to pray for us.

Resting in His love,

Cyprian and Joy

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