April 2002

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

            Recently the federal government of Nigeria, in consultation with the 36 state governors, has sacked the Inspector General of Police, Musiliu Smith, and six of his national deputies.  According to Jerry Gana, the Information Minister, this was done to ensure that the peace of the nation is not disturbed.  All these actions are not taken from the position of fear, but to protect and safeguard democracy, he added.

            Throughout the length and breadth of this nation many are being led to Christ on a daily basis.  Most converts are, however, not being edified, equipped, and discipled by the church with God’s Word.  They are, therefore, exposed to the cults, the occult, and various heresies.  The urgent need is the simple teaching of God’s Word by sound teachers.

            The Lord has sent to the vineyard in Kumasi, Ghana, Joseph Frimpong, who now lives and labors with the saints there.  He is commended by the saints that meet at Shoreacres Bible Chapel in Burlington, Ontario.  He has written recently and says, “It is really encouraging to see the commitment of these believers….  I’m thankful for the unity within us.  The Lord has been giving us many opportunities to present his word to lots of people.

            “Many have expressed interest in knowing more about the New Testament teachings.  Some have asked to meet with us, but we don’t have a meeting place to accommodate them at present.  We cannot use the flat I have just rented….  Opportunities are everywhere for teaching the Word, but where are the sound teachers?”  Cyprian will continue to visit Ghana and assist in Bible teaching, discipleship, and church-planting.  Pray that the Lord will send laborers to His vineyard.

            Mary, one of the saints in Kumasi fellowship who got married last year, will be giving birth to a baby in early June.  She needs your prayers for safe delivery.  Back in Nigeria, Peter Odaudu, an elder at the Assembly in Ika village, gave his daughter Ocholongwa in marriage March 16th.  She just completed nurses training.  Pray for an enduring marriage for the newlyweds.

            Like the apostle Paul, we would say, “We do not consider our lives of any account as dear to ourselves, in order that we may finish our course and the ministry which we received from the Lord Jesus to testify solemnly of the gospel of the grace of God” (Acts 20:24).  "We hope that, just as you know us to a certain degree already, you will in time come to know us well and will recognize that we shall be your rejoicing, and you ours on the day of our Lord Jesus" (2 Corinthians 1:13-14).  “For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things: to whom be the glory forever” (Romans 11:36).

Ever in Immanuel,

Joy and Cyprian

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