January 2002

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

            The turbulence or our times is reaching the breaking point.  Only the “re-entry” of Jesus Christ can alleviate the escalating anxiety of a troubled world.

            While Ghana is relatively calm, Nigeria has been on edge for the last five months amid a wave of ethnic and religious violence.  Several hundreds have lost their lives, and many prominent politicians including the attorney general and justice minister have been assassinated.

            Benue State has now a large influx of refugees from two neighboring states due to civil unrest.  On January 27, explosions from a munitions depot in the army barracks in Ikeja, Lagos, claimed over two thousand lives, mostly women and children.  Lagos with its 13 million residents has every group represented.  A loss of this magnitude will touch every person in the country directly or indirectly.  Pray for political stability so that the gospel will continue to be preached freely.

            It is pertinent to inform you that in spite of this desperate situation in the country, the Lord is hard at work.  In His mercy and grace He makes every witness count for eternity.  In our previous letters we informed you of Cyprian’s visit to Port Harcourt at the invitation of the staff of Rivers State Newspaper.  He spent four days with them.  Those who attended from Bayelsa State, the joint owner of this state-owned press, asked him to accompany them to their state capital, Yenagoa.  One of the attendees was the son of the deputy governor.  He testified of how the Lord had visited him during the meetings and of his new-found faith in Christ.

            The governor, Chief D. S. L. Alamieyeseigha, invited Cyprian for an overnight visit to his home.  This open door was made effectual when the Lord opened his blinded eyes and softened his rebellious mind to behold the glorious God in the face of Christ.  He was then left with Emmaus courses for a follow-up.  In November he came in person to return his twelve courses for grading.  Later that month he openly testified of his salvation in a crowded public rally in Yenagoa.  Pray for him to grow in Christ-likeness.

            Please pray also for our fellow workers.  Mepa Joseph is a man greatly used by God in the planting of several assemblies; he is now confined to a wheel chair.  Cephas Okwori is an evangelist, an Emmaus coordinator, and principal of Petros Bible College and Seminary in Makurdi.  Daniel Edeh now heads the work for the disabled started by the Gross family.

            Surely the second coming of Christ, His “re-entry”, is the only hope of replacing the depressing features of world news with trust and universal peace.  For it the world unwittingly or inadvertently waits.

Yours growing and learning at Jesus’ feet,


Joy and Cyprian

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