April/May 2001

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

Truly, God alone can save sinners; yet the task God commands us to is the mission of spreading this Good News both near and far.  What an awesome privilege to share in God's eternal purpose!  For Jesus said, "As the Father has sent me, so send I you" (John 20:21).

Last year, in early 2000, Prof. Mohammed Nur Alkali and Cyprian met in a flight from Lagos to Accra.  God opened his heart to the witness of the Gospel and he yielded his allegiance to our great Savior.  He was then discipled and in November he completed his first set of Emmaus courses.

This April 2001, he invited and flew Cyprian to his home, a palatial compound in Maiduguri, where Cyprian stayed for several days and ministered the Word to the professor and his family.  Maiduguri is in Borno State and borders the countries of Cameroon, Niger and Chad.  Borno State is one of the six states in Nigeria that are called the ‘Core North’ because of the large Islamic presence, 75-80% being Muslim.  Prof. Alkali, himself a former Muslim, is an eminent historian and the onetime Director General of the Nigerian Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, in Kuru.

Praise the Lord that twelve of his family had made professions of faith and now study with him as students.  During the visit, Christ was celebrated and worshipped in the former mosque on his compound.  Gathered with him were those in his household, close friends and key students from the University of Maiduguri, where he now associates.

Other doors have been opened to us in other states.  In Rivers State, the Newspaper Corporation Staff Fellowship in Port Harcourt extended an invitation to Cyprian to speak.  He taught practical steps of personal evangelism and disciple-making.  In Gusau, the Zamfara State capital, Cyprian ministered the Word at the invitation of Christian Corpers Fellowship (the Nigerian version of the Peace Corps).  This is the state that first introduced Sharia law in Nigeria.  It is also one of the ‘Core North’ states.  After speaking and fellowshipping with the Christian Corpers Fellowship, Cyprian met Rev. Father Guzumah at his hotel.  Following a discussion of eternal things, the Rev. Father accepted Christ. He is a Catholic priest serving in Jigawa State that was temporarily posted to Zamfara at that time.  Praise the Lord for this new believer!  Please keep these mentioned here in prayer for their growth and witness.

We have learned that people are best helped when they are helped to help themselves.  Agnes Amaadum, a Catholic from Nkawkaw in Ghana was led to Christ in 1999.  In August 2000 this high school drop-out was assisted to complete her school and will graduate from vocational school with a job waiting for her.  We do not have to help her further; she can help herself and others also.  Please pray with us as we witness, disciple, and walk with those God puts on our path.

Ministry in Biblical terms is not a duty or a job. It is a willing service to God seeking to profit many that some may be saved. It liberates rather than enslaves, and fellow workers are enhanced, not reduced. Pray that we do God's Work, God’s Way.



v     Praise the Lord for Stephen’s complete healing.

v     Pray for both those mentioned by name in this letter and the many  not mentioned.

v     Pray for the Lord’s work that His name would be glorified.

v     Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in sustaining us.

v     Pray for our health and for continued open doors for ministry and most importantly, humble servant hearts.

Again, we thank you for your faithful prayers.

Yours Resting On His Everlasting Arms,

Joy and Cyprian

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