October/November 2000

Dear Friends,

May each of you enjoy a blessed holiday season in which God's love is known in your lives. God's love for His world and those who live in it is the only motivation for giving His Son for our redemption.  This love is ever present. As followers of Christ we must see the world of individuals who are lost and need to hear the gospel.

In Nigeria there have been breakthroughs with our efforts in the past quarter establishing coordination centers in the heavily Moslem North.  Praise the Lord with us for this answer to prayer.  These centers are simply voluntary organs where Kingdom building is the focus; making disciples and evangelizing the unsaved.  In addition, strategic bridge heads have emerged in Abuja, Ajokuta, Akure, and Zaria.  Cyprian also visited Kaduna, Idah, Makurdi, Lokoja, adn Ihima Okene to give further attention to their growth and study.  Training workshops were held as forums for skill transference and learning.  Pray that these centers will remain strong and effective.  

At Kaduna, there is a teacher who is getting recruits from the student body. Pray that she will produce correctors so that she may coordinate a center there which may also include Abuja, the Federal Capital.  A judge in Makurdi led a peer to the Lord through the Emmaus courses, and this lady was transferred to Ajekuta.  She is there now, enthusiastically sharing with co-workers and friends.  Pray for these women that they will remain fruitful and that their faith would continue to grow.  

At the end of last month Cyprian was able to spend some time in Ika where he tended to the house/yard and repaired the water tanks. He also engaged in counseling, speaking engagements, and workshops in addition to performing a wedding for a doctor and nurse.  We are grateful that Joy has greatly recovered from the stroke and again thank all of you for your prayers.  Both Stephen and Jessie give daily evidence of God revealing Himself to them.  

Answering the missionary call and crossing cultural boundaries for witnessing does not necessarily constitute loving the world and the individuals in it.  Let's be careful that we don't go through the motions without loving those we're talking to.  Our witness will lack power without the force of God's love.

Because He loved us and sent Emmanuel,

Cyprian and Joy Kia

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