August/September 2000

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior,

Nigeria as a nation is marching steadily on the path of democratic governance. In spite of the painful failures of her past, her leaders are determined to weave the diverse threads of the nation into a coherent unified tapestry. Ghana, which produced the UN Secretary General, looks orderly on the surface. It's an election year, however, and old ethnic hatreds are showing their ugly presence. Politicians are bent on destroying their opponents. In both Nigeria and Ghana there is no paradigm to rally around. Pray that leaders with a vision will take their rightful place in these countries.

Cyprian was busy in August and September with personal counseling and discipling in the assemblies in Idoma and Igalaland and Bible teaching at the Fellowship of Christian Students at the law school in Abuja. Please pray for continued opportunities throughout the country for teaching and preaching of the Word. In addition, Emmaus workshops were held at the University of Ibadan and at Kogi State College of Education. Omoni and Onimisi are correctors in good standing there. Praise the Lord for them and remember them as you pray.

In Kumasi, Ghana, a place of worship has not yet been secured. Continue to lift this before the Father as an urgent need. Though the assembly meets at the home of Frank Anokye at present, and they are growing spiritually, they need a permanent place of worship to accommodate their size and continued growth. Cyprian was able to be with them 30th August--7th September teaching the Word and having children's meetings. At the suggestion of the brethren the Lord's day meetings were held at his lodging place while he was there.

On September 19th, Joy suffered a stroke. We thank the Lord that it was a mild stroke and the damage was not permanent. She will be in physical and occupational/speech therapy in October and we would value your prayers for her and her full recovery. The Lord has been wonderfully merciful. Jessie is able to be at home during this time while not losing any time from school.

Summary of Praises and Prayer Requests:


1. that Joy's stroke was mild and her recovery has been optimal!

2. that Jessie is able to be at home right now

3. for the opportunities that Cyprian has in Nigeria and Ghana for the ministry of the Word

4. for those faithful leaders the Lord has already raised up in the Emmaus work in both countries


1. for a climate of political stability in both Nigeria and Ghana that would allow the Lord's work to continue on undisturbed

2. for a permanent building (meeting place) for the young church in Kumasi

3. for the Kumasi assembly's continued spiritual growth and maturity

4. for the leaders (correctors and such) to remain faithful and focused

5. for the Emmaus testimony in both countries to remain untarnished

6. that the seeds that are planted will bear fruit, and that the fruit would remain

The Church has been elected eternally to be in union with Him for the purpose of carrying on His testimony. The testimony that the Church has to carry on is not something about Christ, it is to carry Christ on. Let us each carry Christ on to the world around us.

Resting in His Everlasting Arms,

Cyprian and Joy

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