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January 2005

Dear Saints,

Four years into the 21st century has wakened us all to the fact that our world is aimlessly heading to its end (2 Peter 3:10). The evidence to this fact abounds in our environment, economy, society, and on the political terrain. Individually we react to this reality in the different ways we express ourselves. We do so in self-love, boastfulness, abusiveness, ungratefulness, unholy living, material pursuit, and mean spiritedness. Collectively we are alarmed, panicky, and helpless (2 Timothy 3:2-5).

Christmas has reminded us that there is hope because our God, the Creator before whom nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37), has sent His Son with a solution (Matthew 1:21), a solution that will keep us from the destruction that is imminent before us (Leviticus 18:24,25). This Son laid in the manger is the guarantor and safe place for all to be in times like this. Hence, the angels sang ďGlory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men in whom His favor restsĒ (Luke 2:14).

Sin is the chain that ties us to the destruction that is aimed at the earth. In the Son this chain is broken, and we are provided a safe place to land. The earth may be coming to an end, but we who are in the beloved Son are united in Him in His endless life, and we will not end (I Thessalonians 5:9,10). We will not end because sin, which enslaves us and corrupts our world, is robbed of its power and authority, and we are free.

Sin, therefore, can no longer take us further than we want to go or keep us longer than we want to stay or cost us more that we can truly afford. May we take hold of our gentle Fatherís hand and walk in His Sonís footsteps, for they will never lead us astray. Whatever your dreams, whatever your hopes, may they come true for you in the new year through Godís leading and His loving grace.

Cyprian has stayed home to see Joy through the health crises that challenged us greatly in 2004. Joy was twice hospitalized and then months of visits to hospital, doctors and clinics marked our daily routine. As God provides, he will travel back to Nigeria to continue serving in the work. Many have written expressing disappointment that he has not been seen this past year and are expecting his arrival.

Leaders of various aspects of the work kept close touch with us. They gave us several opportunities to participate in absentia in the decisions they make regarding their growth and the Lordís work. May the Lord Himself cause us to surrender our own will and give it up completely to Him. Our vision of Him and His doings has been enlarged. So we are now passionately committed to the raising of the next generation of leaders through training and disciple-making.


Prayer items 2005:

1. that we will pursue the rare legacies of lives lived in virtue

2. that we will not look for peace and joy in the false glitter of things that can be seen

3. that we will not allow success or failure to turn us from the Presence of God

4. that we will be content to serve our blessed Savior as obscure soldiers of the cross

5. that we will enjoy wholeness and health, vigor and strength.


We remain ever in Emmanuel,

Cyprian and Joy                                                                        


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