Sin makes you stupid!


In the course of human history, all six thousand years of it, one prevailing truth about man's ability to reason has remained constant:


Sin makes you stupid!


Even before there was a man walking on the face of the earth that truth rang out loud and clear with the rebellion of the "Morning Star" of angels, Lucifer. This angel, for all practical purposes, had everything a created being could possess: power as the chief of all angels, beauty above all angels and constant access to the creator of all the angels. Why then did he rebel?


Sin makes you stupid!


When man was formed of the dust of the earth and placed in a perfect garden he had everything he could have needed and wanted. He was not hungry because there was food to eat that could not spoil since there was no death and nothing could rot. He was not cold because there was no bad whether since the earth was surrounded by the firmament that protected it from extremes in weather. He was not lonely because Good had provided him with a beautiful helpmeet formed from his own side to accompany him wherever he went. There was only one rule: Do not eat from that one tree. Why, then, did he eat the fruit?


Sin makes you stupid!


Down through the ages God has given man thousands and thousands and of promises. Among them man was promised a Saviour to pay his sin debt. The Lord Jesus Christ came to earth in the form of a man and lived here with us. His message was one of peace and abundant life, but He was rejected by his own nation and executed by the most painful means ever devised. Why was he rejected?


Sin makes you stupid!


Christ, being God and knowing what was to happen, did not stay in the grave, but arose to show man that He had conquered sin and death. He offered his death as payment for man's sin and made it available without charge for all who would, by faith, receive it. Why then, are there hundreds of religions telling people that "if they are good enough" they can have eternal life?


Sin makes you stupid!


For those who have accepted Christ's death as payment for their sin debt there are even more promises: eternal life, abundant life, fruitful life. He has promised to bless man if he follows some very basic guidelines. These include "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God that which is God's." That means that we are bound to obey civil laws and leaders (marriage licenses, taxes, speed limits) as well as Biblical principles (tithes and offerings, being a good neighbour, faithfulness to one's spouse). Why, then, do "professing" Christians spend God's money on new cars and houses, cheating friends and neighbours in business and leaving their spouses behind like a pair of worn out shoes.


Sin makes you stupid!


Excuses are plentiful and they usually begin with the phrase, "But you do not understand…" and end with the phrase, "I deserve …" A fallen leader used these phrases to explain destroying his ministry. "But you do not understand the pressure of that church…I deserve to have a comfortable life!" A fallen missionary used these phrases to explain destroying his family. "But you do not understand how my wife…and I deserve to be happy and fulfilled!" A church member used these phrases to explain splitting a church. "But you do not understand how it was to sit on the same committee as … I deserve to be in charge!"


How shall these things be explained to our Lord and Saviour? He was completely misunderstood and deserved none of the condemnation heaped upon Him, yet He took it all because of His love for us. There is no temptation, struggle or pressure that He does not understand. He lived here among mankind and experienced it all. That excuse will not stand. He died for man who, because of his sin, deserves nothing more than death and eternal punishment. Man does not deserve happiness, joy, love, peace or life. Why, then, does a man continue in his selfish, Christless lifestyle?


Sin makes you stupid!


How does man escape this trap?


Ephesians 5:17 gives a clue: "Therefore do not be unwise (stupid), but understand what the will of the Lord is." It is really a pretty simple process. Open your Bible and do what it says to do. Romans 12:2 is easy to understand. Do not act like the world. I John 2:15 is very plain. Do not love the world or the things that are in it. I Thessalonians 4:3 is clear. Stay away from sexual immorality. These are not new concepts. They are thousand of years old. For the last two thousand years they have been taught in thousands of churches around the world and in thousands of languages. They are foundations of laws in most countries. They are tried and true concepts that bring peace, joy, love and harmony. Why then does man ignore them? You know, don't you?


Sin Makes You Stupid!


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