†††††††† Justified

†††††††††††††††† (By Margaret Campbell )


Godís sovereign grace selected me

To have in heaven a place

ĎTwas the good pleasure of His will

Iím justified by grace


In due time Christ on Calvary died;

There flowed the crimson blood

Which makes the foulest white as snow;

Iím justified by blood.


God raised Him up; this is the pledge,

Should evil doubtings lowír,

His resurrection quells each fear;

Iím justified by power


The Holy Spirit guided me

To what the scripture saith;

I grasped the truth, Christ died for me

Iím justified by faith


Now if you doubt that I am Christís,

If one suspicion lurks

Iíll show by deed that I am His

Iím justified by works.


I praise the Lord, Ďtis all of Him

The grace, the faith, the blood,

The resurrection, power, and the works,

Iím justified by God