God Speaks

     God speaks to us in many ways,
     In sunshine bright or cloudy days;
     We view His power in starlit skies,
     And gaze in awe at the sunrise;
     The grandeur of the mountains too;
     The calmness of the lake so blue.
     The birds sing sweetly in the trees,
     We hear the hum of busy bees.
     The flowers are blooming, Spring is here,
     We feel that God is very near.
     God Speaks to us in trials too;
     We need His strength to see us through.
     He wants to guide us, day by day,
     And warns us when we go astray.
     Time changes things, but we can see
     God's plan throughout eternity.
     If on God's Son we will believe,
     Life more abundant we receive;
     If troubles come to make us fear,
     We have his promise, "I am near".
     God speaks to us in words so true,
     Telling us what to say and do.
     The Bible is our instructive book,
     Great promises too, just have a look!
     To those who sorrow, comfort is given;
     To those who trust Him, a home in Heaven.
     God gave His Son,  He loved us so,
     And in the scriptures we can know
     His strength, and comfort when we fear,
     And then we know, He's always near.
     Yes God does speak in many ways.
     Let us rejoice and give Him praise;
     For love and life, and friends so dear,
     For sunshine, showers, air so clear.
     For blessings we receive each day,
     We give Thee thanks dear Lord, and pray
     That as we go along life's road
     Others may have a lifted load;
     When we share with them Thy words of cheer,
     And help them realize God is near.

by Margaret Campbell
Westbank, B.C.