The Forensic God


Most Christians have a God above who is very far away

He’s ready for to punish them when ere they go astray

His life’s made up of rules and laws, so hard to keep and do

And then a preacher comes along, “Now listen God loves you”


“The God of whom you speak good sir, what has he done for me?”

“He gave his well beloved son, to give true liberty”

“Well then good sir, forgive my doubt,  if what you say is true

Why is your face so glumly set, its hard to smile for you”


“You have a face from pole to pole, and frozen like them too

Where is this joy, pray tell good sir, don’t say beyond the blue

You fret and worry run around, your brow with furrowed frown

Where is the God whereof you speak, why does he not come down?”


“Excuse me sir,” I entered in, “may I be oh so bold

To tell you God the son came down, the story’s oft been told”

“Ah yes” the man did answer me, “but that was long ago

But where the company of life when troubles ebb and flow.”


And then another entered in, his suit it looked so grand

“Now give the Lord your ten percent and join the happy band”

“Good man Please think before you speak, I have a family too

Give ten percent of what I have, then what will your God do”


An then another entered in, so pious sang a hymn,

In solemn monotone of voice, and face so very grim

“Dear man I must attest to you, sure tidings I will tell

A failure to accept God Son, your on your way to hell”


And yet another he joined in, the scripture he knew well

He stood and preached and then sat down, big bible , show and tell

His face bespoke the lie he told, not full of joy was he

But round and round the route he went, as busy as a bee.


At last the questioner did say, Good sir can you not tell

And feel the love of God for man, to save a soul from hell

The love of God is not in you, your prayers as cold as ice

There not a tear drop in your eyes, poor sinners to entice


I tell you sirs, I tell you true, you have the data right

But the God of love above, is far off from your sight

So very full of truth are you, you miss the God of grace

There is no hope of life beyond now showing on your face


You have a God who’s very far; I want a God that’s near

An isolated God you have, who never shed a tear

A God above who sits supreme, descending he looks down

I have God who love so deep, His Son did wear a crown


I speak of Christ, that lovely man, He is the God of grace

He wept and prayed, worked at a bench, and many knew his face

He stood beside a broken heart, he touched the lepers skin

I have a God who came so close, despite my every sin


He comes beside me, day by day, and covers me around

He gives me liberty from sin, and habits holding down

And when I fall he does not childe, but looks with saddest eye

And as I sit and look at him, then I begin to cry


My child, my child, come to my arms, they’re ever opened wide

And look and see the nail prints, and opened wounded side

I am the God from Heaven above; I am your priest so high

I’ll succor and I’ll care for you, until you’re in the sky





31st Oct. 2001